Community update (20/09/2022) regarding DONKY tokens allocated for Airdrop:


As a community we have all agreed, there is no benefit in doing an airdrop other than feeding the paperhands, who based on past observations will instantly sell at market, driving our price down as right as we near minting.

This could ultimately destroy our project and the investments of our holders.


We have said from the start that the airdrop was intended to benefit and grow our community.

This is still true and we would like to make good on our promises, whilst above all protecting our investors.

That’s why we have decided that we will only reward community members that are active and contribute in one way or another to the success of this project.

Being a holder is not a requirement. (but it does help 🙂


With this in mind, there will be no token distribution for the airdrop.

Instead we will grant 2500 free spins on Xmart to active discord members.

This will allow community members to receive a minted DONKY NFT which they will then be able to stake for passive income should they so choose.


We will create a Free Spins Whitelist where all active discord members will see their name appear.

There will be no form to fill in – the only way to get on this list is to be active and a positive member of our discord community.


All current discord board members automatically qualify for our Free Spins Whitelist and we will start by also adding the current active members from the General Chat

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