XRDonkeys NFT WhitePaper

Meet the team

All things Technical

Clive (UK)

We have our very own equivalent of a bush mechanic in charge of all things technical.

He has been involved with Cryptos from the beginning, started as being one of the first to mine Bitcoin!

Progressing to what you see here.

Accounting and Admin

Lynne (UK)

Donkeys and farmers do not make good accountants, that’s why we have our very own in-house master of numbers!  She will ensure that everyone gets paid when the time comes

She comes with a wealth of experience that includes the supply chain for several Formula 1 teams!

Security and Entertainment

Blikkies (UK)

He has been on the farm for many years and some may consider him as part of the furniture. However, he takes his job very serious and ensures that no donkey ever steps out of line.

Should you feel the need for inspiration he is always there and will move even the biggest mountains for you.

Office Assistant

Lulu (UK)

She’s been on the farm nearly as long as her colleague Blikkies.

She is a strong team player and always has a smile on her face

She makes sure that we all have our things to do and reminds us off tea breaks and cuddles.

What is XRDonkeysNFT

XRDonkeys NFT’s are a collection of 10,000 unique, interesting and adorable little Donkeys NFT art. 

Currently our base character, Herbert is doing his final fittings for the big reveal.

Off course, right now Hebert is still naked (aren’t we all born that way) but shortly he will be dressed and ready for the world.

How do I get one?

You’ll be able to mint your very own Herbert very shortly.

We are all currently waiting for the XLS20D update.

Minting will be either through our own website or the Sologenic NFT Marketplace a few weeks after it all goes live. Decision will be made closer to the time, whichever will be the quickest.

Minting can only be done with DONKY which you can buy at the Sologenic DEX.

Get a Xumm Wallet

Register for our Trustline (Make sure you are also a member of our website to qualify for the airdrop)

Buy DONKY (not live yet, date of pre-sale to be announced)

Join our Twitter page


We get asked this question at least a few times every day.

When is the pre-sale?

Well, off course we here at the Farm, would love to have a pre-sale today.

However, the reality is, this will highly depend on the communities involvement. Once we have reached 10,000 members, we can be sure that there is enough interest in launching the pre-sale of DONKY .


Many NFT projects simply reward the first 5,000 or 10,000 trustline followers.

We aim to rather reward the community that supports us, than random trustline people/bots and farms that have no idea what this project is about.

We WILL not do that: we will only distribute to our own website/twitter members. It will be hard to correlate who are followers and who is not.

That is why we made a team decision to only reward the first 10,000 website members!

**We will start the airdrop(s) 2 weeks after the pre-sale at a rate of 1,000 per day @ 0.50 $DONKY per member.

That means, whoever gets in early, gets the airdrop the soonest J

**Updated 23 March 2022

Regarding the distribution of the airdrop and prizes, based on our observations of what has happened with other NFT projects the decision has been made to delay distribution until minting on the XLS20D becomes available. The primary reason for this is to protect the value of our community’s pre-sale investments, prizes and airdrop.

***Updated 20 September 2022

There will be no token distribution for the airdrop. Instead we will grant 2500 free spins on Xmart to active discord members.


We here at the Farm aka HQ, really do have a passion and love for donkeys. It all stems from positive childhood memories with my interaction with donkeys.

One particular incident involving a donkey (his name was number 7, not very original, I know, but nonetheless) saving a young puppy from drowning.

Currently donkeys are abused all over the world and we aim to make a difference, however small or big it may be.

We will be giving away 5% of our pre-sale value to a donkey/animal charity in the form of a cash donation.

At the time of this, we have not yet nominated a charity.

Updated 23 March 2022

We will be donating 5% of all token sales to https://www.oscarsplace.org/  

What does the future hold

We will be launching our range of merchandise soon

Merchandise, to include: T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps, Beanies etc. 


Please do not take any of the information listed on our website, whitepaper or Twitter feed as investment, financial or trading advice. Trading in any market can be risky and should only be done if you feel 100% confident in it.

Always do your own research and care before you make ANY investment!