Our ASS-SOL Pirate Donkey

Introducing Hubert, the charismatic brother of our beloved donkey Herbert, residing on the SOLANA network. In his first collection, Hubert takes on a thrilling pirate theme, accompanied by his loyal feathered friend, Spliff the parrot.

With only 250 ever created, Hubert’s pirate-inspired NFT collection is a treasure trove of unique and limited edition artwork. Each piece captures the swashbuckling spirit and adventurous nature of Hubert as he sets sail on daring escapades alongside his colorful companion, Spliff.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of pirates and let Hubert and Spliff transport you to a realm of excitement and imagination. From their pirate hats and eye patches to their mischievous grins, these NFTs showcase the vibrant personalities and intricate details that make them truly one-of-a-kind.

By owning a piece from Hubert’s pirate-themed collection, you become part of an exclusive group of collectors who appreciate the artistry and rarity of blockchain-based creations. The SOLANA network provides the perfect platform for Hubert and Spliff to come to life, offering seamless interactions and secure ownership of these valuable digital assets.