Updated 28/03/2024

Take the plunge into ASS – the connoisseur’s meme coin on Venom! Whether you want to just dip your toe into ASS or jump in with both feet, everyone should have some ASS in their bag.

Make your ASS work for you with our upcoming staking! We’ve set aside 10% of the total supply for staking options. Free tokens will be coming from your ASS for months on end. That’s right, you can make money with your $ASS without having to sell it!

Hold your ASS and watch it grow! We’re confident ASS will pump, so pull your finger out and grab some $ASS today at a 20% discount to the listing price.

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Only a few more days to go before you can get your hands on your own piece of ASS when we go live!

ASS will be the first meme coin on Venom and we’re sure that it will moon!

We’ll be selling our ASS in an ICO on Impulse Finance, with 25% of the total supply up for grabs. For a short while, you’ll be able to get your own bag of ASS at a 20% discount to the public listing price. We’re confident our ASS will move fast and there may not be enough to go around, so pull your finger out and get into ASS early!

50% of the ICO proceeds will go into our token liquidity pool – locked for 90 days.

Become an ASS holder and you will have a number of ways to make money with your ASS:

You can elect to hold your bag of ASS and watch it grow with our staking options. A percentage of the ICO proceeds will will be going towards purchasing Impulse tokens as rewards for one of our staking pools. We’re anticipating that the Impulse token will also appreciate in value, so you’ll be able to grab a daily amount to add to your bag.



We’ve set aside 10% of the token supply to fund rewards for other staking options as we move forward, so there will be profits coming out of your ASS well into the future!

Let your ASS work for you and make you money, without having to sell it!

If trading is more your style than staking, you’ll be able to sell your ASS when it gets pumped by the influx of new investors entering the market as awareness of ASS spreads!

You may want to stick all of your ASS into one of these options, or spread it between several – it’s your ASS on the line, so the final decision will be yours.

You can see the whole ASS tokenomics in the accompanying graphic. We think lots of people will love ASS and that it will wipe all competing meme coins.

Stay tuned to the Venom Donkeys discord and X account for more details of the launch as they are announced, including the contract address – you want the real ASS, not a fake imitation one! 

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