CaRRots Utility Token (XRPL)
As the project grew we decided to introduce a utility token what would serve as both a reward token for our holders, as well as a stand alone cryptocurrency with a number of use cases. We planted a very large supply of CaRRots and then blackholed the account. This was done so that weekly rewards will continue for years into the future. We’re here for the long-term, since it’s a marathon, not a sprint. CaRRots will only ever be released into circulation in a controlled manner. We also burn a percentage of the circulating supply used in transactions.

More Information about CaRRots is in our WhitePaper

CaRRots Trustline:
CaRRots Sologenic Echange Link:

For our Top Carrot IDO investors we created a special edition Carrot NFT Collection. Some are now available on the secondary market. Only 10 of these were made which makes them highly collectable and rare!